Air-Filled Designs & Northstar Jellies! with Mark Drury – BMTV 237


This week on BMTV we are joined by Mark Drury from Qualatex to talk about the new Jelli number balloons from Northstar and to show two colourful designs, using the new numbers to personalise the designs with a birthday age.

The new 16 inch Jellies have a translucent pastel ombré front with a solid silver back and are air-fill only but are easy to hang up, attach to a cup and stick or add into air fill designs! Each number has a long neck to attach to a cup for example but Mark shows a quick and easy solution if you want to hide the neck on designs. On the coloured side he folds the neck in half, attaching balloon bond tape and sticking down. He then flips the balloon to the silver foil side and sticks another piece of balloon bond tape on and then folds it up and sticks to the balloon – this way you will just see the silver side when looking through the balloon.

One of the designs Mark creates is using a Qualatex 40 inch Party Narwhal foil balloon and he puts this on top of a cluster of 7” inch Chrome latex balloons, in blue, green, purple and silver colours. You also need to add a sand-filled weight to the bottom of the cluster to keep the design weighed down. He then takes a number 8 Jelli balloon and uses balloon bond to secure it to one side of Narwhal balloon. To add some movement to the design he creates some bubbles using Diamond Clear 260Q latex balloons. He takes one 260Q and inflates it just with 3 pumps from the hand pump and ties securely.

With the inflated 260Q he works his way down it creating random bubble sizes, taking a different sized section each time and twisting. Mark recommends making 4 twists between each bubble. When he has finished creating the bubbles he cuts and ties off the end of the balloon. He then sticks a piece of balloon bond tape to either end and sticks one end to the Narwhal near it’s mouth and then the other end to the number 8 Jelli balloon – so it looks like the Narwhal is blowing and inflating the number!

Mark shows another design he has created using a Qualatex 32 inch Rainbow foil balloon and putting it at an angle, securing to a foil balloon covered cake board. To this he adds a number 1 and a number 8 Jelli foil onto one side of the rainbow foil – which again can be personalised depending on the birthday age you are celebrating!



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