Air-Fill Spaceman Design with Mark Drury! BMTV 243


This week on BMTV we are joined once again by Mark Drury who shows how to make an ‘out of this world’ air-fill Spaceman design. In this design Mark focusses his attention on creating movement. Helium filled designs are attractive as they float and move but with the current helium shortage Mark has come up with a design using some simple materials to create a design that has a similar feel and look of a moving helium balloon design.

The first part of the design is to create the base, which Mark makes out of a foil balloon covered cake board. To cover the cake board, he uses an 18” Chrome Purple round foil balloon (you can watch Balloon Basics 44 to see how this is made). The main other component to the design is floristry aluminium wire that comes in different reel sizes and wire thicknesses. The wire can be bent and twisted depending on your design.

He takes a reel of wire and opens it out, so it looks like a spring and then attaches it to the bottom of the cake board. Turning the cake board over, he takes part of the end of the wire and places it on top and then uses Balloon Bond tape, taping over in four different sections to make sure it is secure.

Once the wire is secured onto the base you can turn it over and place upright on a table. You can then bend and move the wire into the position you need it. This simple construction can be used for any design.

For this design, Mark uses a 37 inch Adorable Astronaut foil balloon and attaches it to the top of the aluminium wire using balloon bond tape. He takes a long strip of Balloon Bond tape and places it on the top of the wire and then puts it into the arm crease of the spaceman and holds down to secure.

You can then add other balloons to the design, such as a 4” Quartz Purple Star foil balloon and 7” Chrome Blue latex and 7” Chrome Silver latex which Mark uses in this spaceman design. He also personalises it with a 16 inch Blue Number 4 foil balloon, attaching it onto one of the arms of the spaceman. One great thing about this design is that is would make a great centrepiece as the design can be viewed from any angle!



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