Balloon Basics 11 – Downsizing Balloons

So you usually would inflate an 11-inch balloon to 11 inches when making balloon decorations or bunches of three, why would you not? Well you can downsize balloons to make a rounder, softer, more durable balloon. Many balloon decorators do this when air-filling their work to create a strong design that lasts longer!

When the balloon is fully stretched, the outer skin of the balloon is under a lot of pressure and tension. Breaking this tension will cause the balloon to rapidly release its pressure and this causes the balloon to burst. If you inflate the balloon to its maximum tension and then reduce the balloon down (for example, we are downsizing an 11-inch balloon here to 9 inches) then you take the elasticity out of the balloon. You actually reform the surface of the latex so it is no longer under that high tension. This will make the balloon so strong so that you it will even withstand Greg stamping on it!



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