Balloon Basics 14 – How to make Balloon Sand Weights


Welcome to this episode of Balloon Basics where Mark Drury shows us how to make easy balloon weights out of sand!

Sand weights are useful for putting into air filled décor to create a sturdy base in decorations such as columns or table centrepieces. They can even be used as weights for helium filled balloons!

Mark recommends using a sand weight rather than a water weight as with water weights there is potential for condensation to appear on the outside of the balloon and for the colour of the balloon to run, but this is far less likely to happen with a sand weight.

You will need:

  • 2 x 11″ latex balloons (in the colour and pattern of your choice)
  • Sand (kiln dried or very dried)
  • Balloon pump
  • Funnel

Firstly, you will need to double stuff the latex (put one balloon inside the other). This is easily done by folding one balloon and just slotting it into the other. You can even use the blunt end of a pencil to help!

Stretch the double-stuffed balloon by inflating it with air using the balloon pump, then let the air all out.

Place the neck of the balloon around the base of the funnel. Scoop up some sand, and away you go!

The sand will only fill the balloon so far, you will need to press down the sand to then allow more to enter the balloon. Essentially, you will be filling the neck of the balloon each time, and then compressing this down. Using this technique, you can keep stretching the balloon out until you get to your desired weight.

Tie the balloon off, and you have your sand weight!

The great thing about sand weights is you can mould it to many shapes. For example, you can flatten it to create a larger surface area! Sand weights are always one of the more versatile weights to use.

You can even put them in our cardboard boxes to smarten them up! You can find them all here.

Happy creating!



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