Balloon Tail Ideas: With Chris Horne – BMTV 157


Tassel tails have been a big trend in 2017 so for this week’s video, Chris Horne from Amscan joins us to show a few of the ideas he’s had for adding tails to balloons.

The first and most obvious idea is to add a ready-made tail like a twirlz to the balloon, this is a quick and simple way to add extra value to your balloon decoration. You could also add something like a dot garland to the tail for a similar effect. Although they are not originally designed to be used in this way they are perfect and do the job nicely!

There are paper tassel tails already out there for things like 3ft latex balloons, but what if you want a metallic tassel tail? Chris has a quick tip for how to create one. First you’ll need a metallic door curtain, you then cable-tie the door curtain to a piece of ribbon at various points and cut just above the cable-tie. And you get a simple but effective tassel tail! If you are worried about weight, you can cut down your door curtain before you cable tie!

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