Toy Story Design with Mark Drury – BMTV 234


This week on BMTV we are joined once again by Mark Drury from Qualatex and he shows how to make a fun Toy Story design that has multiple functions! He also demonstrates how to make some small ‘Sheriff’ balloon badges, ideal for giving out at a children’s party and Greg shows the new Toy Story partyware which we have had in recently, following the recent release of the new Toy Story 4 film!

Mark has come up with a design using some of the new Qualatex Toy Story 4 balloons, that is part decoration and part loose balloons that you can give out at a children’s party. One of the items that Mark using in the design is the 30g Clear Bubble Clip-N-Weights, which are great to attach the loose balloons to the main body of the design, so then its easy to remove the balloons to give out.

In the design Mark uses the new Toy Story 4 Bubble Balloon and balloons from the 11 inch Toy Story 4 Character assorted latex pack. One of the main parts of the design is a large gold Sheriff badge which Mark creates using a 36 inch gold star foil balloon. You can personalise the front with the word ‘Sheriff’ or something else using a Silhouette Cameo and black vinyl. To make the star look like a sheriff badge Mark adds some extra parts to the points of the star.

He double stuffs a 5 inch jewel citrine yellow latex with a 7 inch chrome gold latex to create a small rounded balloon that’s roughly the same colour as the 36 inch gold star. He creates five of these – one for each of the points of the star. To secure the double-stuffed balloons to the corners of the star, Mark uses a white 260Q and firstly takes a small bit of one of the corners and then wraps the 260Q around several times and then ties securely. He then ties on the double-stuffed 4 ½ inch inflated balloon using the 260Q and ties it in place.

To cover the part where the latex balloon is attached to the gold star, Mark uses a chrome 260Q which he inflates partly so it is still slightly soft so he can work with it easily. You first need to take the inflated 260Q and hold an end in each hand and then move up and down to create a natural curve. This is then wrapped around between the latex balloon and the star. You then need to measure off how much you need and twist off at this point. After this point Mark then twists off a small bubble and wraps it around and ties together and cuts off the excess. He then creates a pinch twist on the bubble part so that it tightens up the gap.

Another great idea that Mark shows is creating small Sheriff balloon badges which can be given out at a Toy Story themed children’s party. Using 4 inch or 9 inch gold stars you can personalise the front with the word ‘Sheriff’ and then a children’s name. To make into badges you can use badge magnets which are safe and easy to use. One part has a sticky back which you secure to the balloon and then the other part has the magnets on which you can then hold in place on a piece of clothing.

The design which Mark has created to hold the loose balloons is made up of a alternate square pack made from dark blue latex balloons and then on top some yellow latex balloons and then some smaller red latex balloons, with an organic piece attached to the sides made from 11 inch white Holstein cow latex balloons. Other parts to the design are a 30 inch Puffy Cloud foil balloon that’s at the top of the design and then a 16 inch Blue number 4 foil balloon, which you can change depending on the birthday age that is being celebrated.



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