BMTV 65 – New Qualatex Colours and Greg Goes a Bit Bonkers Again


Hello and welcome to BMTV 65!

Firstly, thank you to all our customers that have come in this week to collect their orders. We always like it when you come in as it gives us chance to have a chat with you, get to know what is happening in your relative industries and put faces to names!

Bank holiday closing times

There are a few bank holidays in May, namely the 2nd and the 30th of May and we will be closed over these periods. As always if you need to get any stock for the holidays then we recommend that you get it in early to avoid disappointment.

Channel 5 have discovered us!

Not really but we have had a call and an email from a production company that is making a program for Channel 5, they wanted us to do them a favour. The is a man called John Silver who is responsible for Grand Designs and re-invented MasterChef. He started a production company called Pi Productions and they are looking for applicants who have left a normal 9-5 job for a more lifestyle orientated job in spring / summer this year. Examples include; opening a surf-shop in Cornwall or a farm in wales. If you fit the bill and fancy going on Channel 5 then get in touch with Laura at Pi Productions: 0203 761 4522. Also, if you aren’t planning a move yourself but know someone that is suitable, then you can earn £250 referral fee if you recommend them and they end up on the show!

New Qualatex colours

A few new colours from Qualatex have come into stock with us, so lets start with the large CLoudbuster balloons. These are big balloons that are made from a synthetic mix of latex that make them slightly more durable and are suitable for throwing into crowds at events. Qualatex have released 4 new colours for these large balloons and we have them in the 4ft and the 5.5ft sizes. These colours are all pastel designs and are: Pistachio, Pastel Yellow, Shell Pink and Icy Blue. We are not sure if they will be introduced to the 8ft balloons but we will get them in if they are.


The must-have colour from last year was the Coral colour from Qualatex, this year they have introduced a vibrant spring green colour to their line. We got them in and at first thought, “oh it’s just another green” but then we inflated one and were surprised at just how vibrant the colour was. We would describe it as more of a vibrant neon-green colour so try it out is you want a really striking green. We have this in the 11 inch and 3ft balloons at the moment but rest assured that Qualatex will be bringing this to their 5 inch, 260Q and QuickLink range at some point! Check them out here.

Greg’s gone Bonkers again

Now, we have to say that Greg has got a case of “bonkers” again. He was in the warehouse and saw that we have loads of the 100 count bags of printed latex taking up room. Qualatex are discontinuing the 100ct bags and moving to the 50ct bags. So to shift them from our warehouse and make space for the 50ct bags, Greg has decided to sell them cheaper than the bags of 25 balloons! That’s right, over 70% off! Bonkers! These aren’t necessarily discontinued designs either so you can use them with other balloons you have. These are moving quickly so head over to our clearance section now to avoid disappointment.

That’s it for this week, see you next time.


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