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This week on BMTV we are at the Chris Adamo training event which was hosted by us a couple of weeks ago in Southampton on Sunday 28th April 2019 as part of the BAPIA Chris Adamo UK & Ireland tour. Greg talks to some of those that attended the course about the value of training and to Chris Adamo himself!

All of those that attended the course learnt lots of new techniques and tips that they couldn’t wait to try out after the course! Greg spoke with Femke Hoekstra and Marjolein Rijs from Your Balloons about their business – they travelled all the way from Holland to attend the course! They have only had their business for a year but have already attended training courses with Sue Bowler, Guido Verhoef and now Chris Adamo! They were inspired a lot by Chris and his work before attending the course and a lot of the jobs they do are high-end, large installations.

Another company that attended the course were Ballooneroo, run by Ruben Persey and Daniel Kallin who are just 15 years old and 14 years old – the youngest who attended the course! They have been wanting to do training for a while and were excited to learn that this course was on a weekend so it wouldn’t get in the way of school!

Greg spoke to Yvette Pinnington from My Can Do Balloons who has attended quite a few training courses over the years. She finds every time she attends a training course, she learns at least one new trick or tip each time, if not more! At the Chris Adamo course she found the slip knot technique that he taught very valuable as they had a recent job where they had to hang some balloons which were drooping so she now can apply this new solution to similar future jobs!

We were also joined by Natalie Saunders from The Balloon Room who has previously joined us on BMTV! Natalie has been in the balloon industry for 17 years but says she is still learning new tips and tricks every day! She also finds that you learn the most from attending hands on training courses rather than learning from You Tube videos.

John Bowler, Chief Executive of BAPIA gave us his thoughts on how the training course went. He had a lot of positive feedback from attendees and found people were networking a lot and enjoying each other’s company. His view on training is that it is important as you can’t really develop and grow without it and its great for learning those little tips and tricks that could make a real difference to your business.

We had Steve Davies from Fantástico Celebrations & Events attend the course and he travelled all the way from Malaga, Spain! He attends balloon training courses in Spain but there aren’t that many that he can attend so he travelled to the UK for the Chris Adamo course. He also finds it beneficial networking as you can share ideas and tips with each other.
Greg also spoke to Doug Stewart from With Style Balloons who really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot from the day including putting together the framing for an organic arch and constructing a cloud. Doug previously attended the Qualatex Fundamentals course, and this is the second course he has now attended.

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