Grabo Products & Competition Announcement with Jonathan Grassi – BMTV 223


This week on BMTV we are joined once again by Jonathan Grassi from Grabo. He talks about the products which Grabo have launched recently including the 64-inch numbers and 15-inch Globes. Plus, we launch an exciting competition where you can win a set of gold and silver 64-inch Grabo numbers along with some other Grabo goodies!

The gold and silver 64-inch numbers which were launched this year were produced with two valves in so they can be filled with helium in the top half and then air in the bottom half. This means you are only using the same amount of helium as you would to fill a 40-inch balloon. Aside from the gold and silver 64-inch numbers, Grabo also have an extensive range of 14-inch, 26 inch and 40-inch numbers in various colours available and 40-inch holographic effect numbers. You can view all of the Grabo products we have in stock here.

With the gold and silver 64-inch numbers you can add detail such as ribbon, other foil balloons or latex where the two valved balloons join to add value to your overall design.

Grabo have also recently launched the exciting new 15 inch Globes which is their first spherical decorator foil product, available in 13 different colours which you can view here. Jonathan tells us that it took some time to develop and produce this product, but this was so the result was a high-quality product like the rest of the Grabo balloon range.

They are currently still in the development stage of producing Globe balloons in pastel colours which are likely to be launched late 2019 or 2020. Jonathan explains that they are having a few problems with the stretch of the balloon effecting the pastel colour but that he hopes to resolve this issue and launch very soon!

We have also launched a great competition this week for you to win a full set of 64-inch gold and silver Grabo balloons and some other Grabo balloons. To enter the competition, you need to show us your creations using a gigantic 64-inch Grabo number. Take a photo of it and share with us on our Facebook page with the hashtag #Grabo and Jonathan will judge all the entries. You have until Friday 31st May 2019 to enter. We look forward to seeing all your great, ginormous designs!



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