How to Create Candy Striping with Balloons – BMTV 129


This week we welcome back Mark Drury to BMTV and this week he is showing us how to make candy striping. This is a technique that spirals 260Q or 160Q balloons around each other and as well as adding value and interest to your designs, it also can reduce your costs! More on that later!

The first design that mark creates is a retail table design, he puts a few clusters on the bottom of a lomey pedestal and lomey base. If you don’t know how to make clusters then check out our Balloon Basics video here. He duplets two 160Q balloons together into pairs, wraps them in and simple spirals them around the lomey pedestal. At the top, he wraps one of the ends around and ties it into the design. This technique is super simple and easy to achieve but looks great!

The next design that Mark creates uses one of our table arch kits. These are usually used at weddings to adorn a cake table and are designed with 5-inch latex balloon clusters in mind. But what mark actually does is to add a few clusters to the arch kit and connect them up with the candy striping technique. Not only does this speed up the time it takes to actually create the design, but it also has the added benefit of needing less balloons. This just decreases the cost to you but we think the overall effect is something you could sell for more than if you just filled it out with 5-inch clusters!



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