Balloon Basics 10 – How To Make Duplets & Clusters

Mark Drury from Qualatex joins us once again to show us how to make duplets and clusters. Simply put, duplets are two balloons tied together at the necks! They are very versitle and can be formed into triplets, quads and other balloon clusters, forming the basics of classic balloon décor. Clusters can then be made into things like columns, arches and swags and a lot of great balloon decorations start with the humble duplet! So let’s get to it.


Mark is using a precision air to inflate the balloons to the correct sizes quickly but you can use any inflator to this. It’s important not to tie the balloons off individually before you tie them together as this won’t allow the balloons to sit tightly together when you put them in the cluster later on. Holding both balloons by the necks cross them over, laying one neck over the other and pulling tightly. Wrap the necks around to the other side of the balloons and then create your knot to secure the balloons together. That’s your duplet done!


4-balloon cluster

Next is a 4-balloon cluster which is made by using two duplets that are folded together. Take your two duplets and cross them over at the necks, push them together and wrap the necks around each other to secure. That’s it for the 4-balloon cluster, you can use many of these to make columns and arches by stacking them on-top of each other and wrapping line through the centre of each. We’ll be doing a separate video on how to make columns in the future so keep an eye out for that!


Now if you look at the top of a 4-balloon cluster, you can see the outer dimensions are a square shape. This is fine if that’s what you’re after but If you want something more round then we really need to add another balloon in. that brings us onto triplets!


These, as the name implies are 3-balloons tied at the necks, similar to the duplet. To make these, first create a duplet and then hold the duplet in one hand with a third balloon in the other hand. You are going to tie them together using the same method as a duplet, essentially treating the duplet in your hand like a single balloon. Cross them together at the necks, wrap around to the back and tie a knot. There’s your triplet!



Using a combination of duplets and triplets, you can create 4, 5 or 6 balloon clusters. Once you can past 6 though it gets quite hard to get the balloons to sit together! Just fold the duplets or triplets together as we have done with the 4-balloon clusters, wrapping the necks over each other to secure them. 5 and 6 balloon clusters will give you rounder outer dimension that may work better if you are matching your decoration to rounder balloons.



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