Keeping the Shine in Under-Sized Balloons – TOP TIP #7


Have you ever under-inflated your balloons and found they don’t have their usual shine?

Well, look no further for a solution because in this Top Tip, Mark Drury from Qualatex shows how to achieve the shine of a fully inflated balloon, using just your hands!

All you need to do is take your under-inflated balloon and gently squeeze the lower end (towards the knot). This forces air into the upper part of the balloon, increasing the size which in turn increases the shine! As you gently let go, lo and behold, the shine stays!

Since the balloon hasn’t been treated, this shine won’t stay for long and if left out in the heat or sunlight it will oxidise just like a normal balloon. To slow down oxidisation and keep the shine for longer, try Balloon Shine! You can find it on Balloon Market here.



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