Make a Rose Gold Chandelier: With Mark Drury from Qualatex – BMTV 156


Back at the end of 2017, Pioneer Balloon Company acquired Northstar Balloons. Pioneer are the company behind the Qualatex brand and now add the much loved Northstar balloons to their range. What better way to show both of these fantastic products than by making a Rose Gold deisgn with Northstar Script words and 16 inch number balloons and the Qualatex Rose Gold Latex!

Get all the balloons you need for this design here.

Mark Drury from Qualatex joins us once again in this BMTV show, he uses the number 9 balloons from Northstar in the fantastic Rose Gold colour, to create a unique shape for the outside of the chandelier design. He adorns these with apple twists made from 5-inch Qualatex latex balloons and rose gold curling ribbon. He then attaches 5 of these into a cluster and base. This forms the basis of the Chandelier design, you can then hang adornments off the 16 inch number balloons such as a 160Q flower (again in the rose gold colour) and the centrepiece… the rose gold love script word from Northstar!



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