Rose-Gold Feathers, Yay! – BMTV 128


First thing to do this week is to thank Dr Bob for coming in last week to show us how to make a golfer out of balloons! It was a very long show but there were some great tips in there and some inspiring techniques! If you haven’t seen the video, then you can watch it here: BMTV 127 – Make a Golfer out of balloons with Dr Bob

Speaking of Dr Bob, we have filmed quite a few Balloon Basics with Bob that we will be releasing over the coming months. We have tips on how to create pom poms, how to reverse inflate a modelling balloon and even how to make an Apple Twist. Keep an eye on our Balloon Basics playlist to see these videos!

Now, the big new stock item that has come into us this week is: Feathers! Yes we have finally decided to start offering feathers of all different colours including rose gold feathers. We have actually underestimated how popular these would be and have sold out of some colours already. We currently are getting them in 250g bags which will fill around 25 balloons with feathers. This is great if you’re doing a lot of feather balloons but if you’re only doing a few then you probably don’t want big bags. We are thinking about getting smaller bags in but we’re not sure what size we should get. This leads us to the question of the week: how many balloons would you want to fill out of a bag of feathers?

Other new products include these rose gold starburst balloons from unique, we have the twirlz back into stock with us from Amscan. They went out of stock as soon as they came into to us the first time so are proving to be really popular. We also have apples for teacher balloons and graduation balloons. If you are felling adventurous, there is an apple for teacher video that we did a few years ago where Greg shows you how to make an apple from a modelling balloon.



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