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This week on BMTV Greg looks at some of the exciting new products that we have had in at Balloon Market, including some of the decorating equipment that was used on the recent Chris Adamo tour. Greg also talks about changes with the add on facility when ordering with us, upcoming training courses and the current helium shortage.

Firstly, a big thank you to all of those who have been on BMTV over the past four weeks including Stuart Davies, Chris Adamo, Sue Bowler, Jonathan Grassi from Grabo. Also, a huge thank you to Doctor Bob and Chris Horne who have recently been doing training courses with us for the first time here at Balloon Market. We have had Chris Horne doing his Organics Design course and Clearz design course and Doctor Bob was with us doing the Qualatex Twisting Made Easy course.

We have some more training courses coming up including The Grand Balloon Tour 2 with Matt Lewis and Stuart Davies on Friday 9th August 2019. We also have Mike Hurst and Natalie Saunders coming to do another Lights, Balloons, Action course after the first one was so successful earlier this year. This course will be on Monday 16th September 2019. There is also another Organic Balloons Design course and Clearz Designs course with Chris Horne on Tuesday 2nd July and Wednesday 3rd July 2019. We also have Sue Bowler doing her What’s Hot Right Now! Masterclass on Wednesday 12th June 2019.

Following the recent Chris Adamo tour, we were asked to get in some of the products he was using to demonstrate rigging solutions so we have got some of these in including a single suction pad, double suction pad and a mini clamp. We have also got some new White Rope L.E.D lights and Multicolour Rope L.E.D lights in stock.

A lot of the new products that we get in are due to customer demand, including the new shredded tissue we have had in recently. We now stock 16 different colours of shredded tissue paper in 1kg bags. Some other new products we have had in include some Metallic Gold and Metallic Magenta Party Crowns from Party Deco and Flower Bottles for putting flowers in and then adding them inside balloons.

We have also started stocking the 34-inch Unique numbers in Rose Gold, Silver, Gold, Blue, Magenta, Red and Black. There has also been some new Qualatex product releases, including a 38 inch Mythical Caticorn, 30 inch Rainbow Poop and a 42 inch Tyrannosaurus Rex. There is also a new 18 inch Unicorn Eyelashes Foil Balloon, an 18 inch Unicorns, Mermaids, Fairies Foil Balloon and an 18 inch Love You Pastel Ombre Heart Foil Balloon. There is also a new Disney Princess Bubble Balloon following the recent Aladdin movie release and a new Toy Story Bubble Balloon as the Toy Story 4 film comes out this summer.

For those that order from us will know that we have an add to order facility on the website. This is now being restricted to a 12 o’clock cut-off as we have two parcel collections during the day, one at 12:30pm and one at 4pm so it is likely that your parcel will have already been taken in the first collection.

There is also a helium shortage currently, so it is a good time to look at the designs you are creating and think about the possibilities of using air in your work instead. Nearly all of those that have featured on BMTV have created air-filled designs including Mike from Reds, Mark from Qualatex, Chris from Amscan and Sue Bowler.

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