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For our next interview, I’m having a chat with a crucial member of the BM team; someone in charge of searching for and purchasing the lovely products that you’ll find on our site…and that person is Jenny! Originally joining us in Customer Service, Jenny eventually moved on up to the role of Procurement Specialist and has been with us for a little under two years. So, let’s find out the facts from Jenny herself…

On the Meet the Team page, you’ve listed a fun fact about yourself. Tell us more about that!

When I was a bit younger, I spent three months living in Greece studying marine mammals. At University I studied Ocean Science, so when I finished that degree I then got myself a placement at a marine conservation charity, based on a little island called Samos between Greece and Turkey. I was living there with some other volunteers, and we got to study mammals whilst living in the sunshine!

What do you enjoy most about working at Balloon Market?

It’s quite a fun place to work, as you’d expect with all the balloons and party supplies! I get on with everyone as we’re all fairly similar; we’re all chilled out. It’s just a nice place to come to work…and we don’t have to wear suits: just casual!

Do you have a favourite product that we stock?

I really struggled with this one because there’s just so many! Either some of the little cuddly toys because they’re super cute, or from a different perspective, something like an Orbz or a Deco Bubble: they’re multi-purpose, they look good and can be personalised for lots of different occasions.

Which phone app do you use the most?

It’s almost definitely Instagram. I love a flick through all of the reels, and then you get stuck in one of those loops and then…like, an hour later you’re still flicking through reels. It never ends!

What’s the No.1 thing on your Bucket List?

I don’t have a specific bucket list, but I do like travelling. So, it would probably be going on some far-flung holiday to the Maldives, where I could go snorkelling with cute animals.

What’s your favourite kind of food? Is there a restaurant that you love to go to?

I really like most food…there’s not a lot I don’t eat. As for a favourite restaurant…Wagamama, BIG fan of Wagamama. I’m yet to meet anyone who doesn’t like going there. I usually go for a Katsu Curry, although I am very into a Pad Thai at the moment too.

What’s something that you’ve done but will never do again?

In a good way, probably the whole living in Greece thing. I’ll never get the chance to do that again, as that’s something that I did when I was straight out of Uni. But in a bad way…I keep thinking back to the Scare Mazes at Thorpe Park. I think it got to the point where I looked so much like I was about to cry that they just stopped scaring me towards the end.

Is there something that most people like that you don’t?

Just to clarify: it’s not because I don’t like them, it’s just that I prefer other things: Roast Dinners. I think that’s VERY controversial, might cause some backlash. You know when everyone gets excited for a Roast Dinner and they’re like ‘ooh, are you coming round for a Roast?’, like…I’d take it or leave it. I’d rather have a curry!

Do you have a favourite band, musician or singer?

Probably Beyonce. I don’t particularly have a favourite song, but it would likely be some of her earlier stuff, just after she left Destiny’s Child. I did see her a Wembley a few years ago, that was so exciting.

Do you have a question for the readers?

‘What is YOUR favourite product that we stock at Balloon Market?’

Many thanks to Jenny for this week’s interview! My whole job revolves adding the products to the site, so in the time I’ve been working at Balloon Market, I’ve seen a wide variety of products come my way. But my all-time favourite(s) have to be our range of Gonks. Big fan of those bearded little dudes.

Let us know your answers to this week’s question below! See you all next time!



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