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Hello there! Whether you’re returning or are here for the first time: a warm welcome to The Balloon Market Blog!

In this week’s post, we’re having a sit-down with one of the people in charge of making all the warehouse procedures run as smoothly as possible: from picking to packing, to processing and posting! He’s a music man, a jack of all trades, and we also share a nickname… it’s Jim! Since joining the team in 2019, Jim has gone from Team Member to Supervisor, so let’s learn what he’s all about…

On the Meet the Team page, you’ve listed a fun fact about yourself. Tell us more about that!

For about 15 years, I was lucky enough to be a vocalist in the band Natives. It was amazing: we got to go all over the world, we had videos on TV, the whole shebang. Everything that was on my bucket list as a teenager, I’ve managed to tick off, which is incredible to think about. It was very, VERY hard work, especially all the travel, but it was really fun.

What do you enjoy most about working at Balloon Market?

I enjoy the people I work with; we have a really great team here. Everyone is super friendly, which makes every day an absolute joy. I also love the busy periods where it’s just chaos. We know the parcels have to get out and we do what we can to get them out, and we manage to get them out the door every day.

Do you have a favourite product that we stock?

I absolutely love that rainbow trout foil balloon. The first time I saw it, I thought to myself: “why do we even have this?”, but over time I grew to love it. Now every time I see that trout, it brings a smile to my face.

As someone who performs live music, is there any artist that you would like to perform with?

I’d love to do a song or two with Oasis, I think that’d be great. In just a sweaty little club, pints going everywhere, singing along with Oasis. That would be amazing.

What’s the No.1 thing on your Bucket List?

Something I REALLY want to do is go on a South African safari. To see all of those animals out in the wild would be incredible. One of my friends went on one and he said it’s the best thing he’s ever done. I’d love to get chased by an elephant! Whilst I’m in the jeep though, I wouldn’t want to be on foot for that.

What’s your favourite kind of food? Is there a restaurant that you love to go to?

So…I like most foods. I love Asian cuisine, be it Thai, Chinese, or Indian; anything like that. As for restaurants, there’s one in Hythe called Thai Corner. It is PHENOMENAL. So, if anybody reading this blog lives in Hythe, please go there. I don’t even have a go-to dish, it’s different every time!

What was your first-ever job? Did you enjoy it?

I was an Apprentice Plumber when I was 17. I did enjoy it, but all I did was make the tea. Every now and again, they’d trust me to solder a pipe and…well…let’s just say I flooded a house once. I think it was one of the first times they let me loose on the pipes, and I forgot to solder one of the joints or something, I don’t know what I did! And obviously, once I turned all the water back on, that pipe just broke apart. Water was going everywhere, and they only discovered it when the ceiling started leaking in the living room. I didn’t last long in that job.

Is there something that most people like that you don’t?

Cheese is horrendous! I hate it… I HATE it when people say they love cheese: it’s just gone off milk! And then you get blue cheese… just no. Put it straight in the bin. People are always shocked when you don’t like cheese, and they start listing things with cheese in like: “well, what about this??” No, it has cheese in it! I’ll have a pizza if it’s not completely covered in cheese and incorporated with the other ingredients. And then you get that horrible…what’s it called… Camembert? People love that at Christmas, but it ruins Christmas for me. Worse than The Grinch.

Do you have any good album recommendations?

When it comes to music, I’m stuck in the past. Like I said before, it’d probably be Oasis: ‘What’s the Story, Morning Glory?’. That’s pretty much all I listen to, it’s a classic. And if YOU haven’t heard it, anybody reading this blog, just chuck it on! Music these days is very ‘single orientated’: playlists rather than albums. So, in a way, albums are starting to feel a bit old-school now.

Do you have a question for the readers?

‘How many other people out there don’t like cheese?’

Cheers to Jim for joining me this week! Aside from our shared nickname, Jim and I also have a joint hatred for cheese. To me, it’s an assault on every sense. I’ve unknowingly eaten it as part of many dishes, and I always manage to point out that it’s hiding in there. So, to any other cheese-haters out there, just know you’re not alone!

Let us know your answers to this week’s question below! See you all next time!



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