Balloon Basics 03 – How to Helium Inflate & Tie a Latex Balloon with Ribbon

In this video we show you how to inflate an 11 inch balloon with helium and tie it with ribbon. For this we have a box-sizer and are using the 11 inch hole to make sure the balloon is inflated to the correct size. We do sell these on our website here, but if you don’t have one then you could measure an 11-Inch space between two objects like the backs of two chairs. 11 inches is the maximum you can inflate an 11 inch balloon to.

To inflate the balloon, take your latex balloon inflator and insert it into the neck of the balloon, making sure to keep a tight seal with your fingers. Start to inflate in a controlled manner into the aperture in the balloon box sizer. Inflate until you can pass the whole balloon through the 11 inch hole, where the sides of the balloon should be touching the sizing box. If you’ve overfilled the balloon, then let some helium out until the balloon fits.


Keep some pressure applied to the neck of the balloon as you take the inflator nozzle out of the balloon. Take your ribbon and lay it over the neck of the balloon, then scissor your fingers over both the neck and the ribbon of the balloon, putting your thumb and forefinger together. Next, stretch the neck of the balloon out, wrap it over the top of your thumb and around the back of the balloon. Afterwards, place the bead of the neck of the balloon between your thumb and forefinger. You can then pinch your hand and gently pull the bead through the neck and the knot will be tied!


That’s it for this week, see you next time!


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