Balloon Basics 06 – How to Curl Ribbon on Balloons

This week on Balloon basics we learn how to curl ribbon on an 11-inch latex balloon. Mark from Qualatex joins us again to show this tip and all you will need is a pair of scissors.

One thing you will notice is that there is already a slight curl to the ribbon from where it has been wrapped around the reel. We can use that to our advantage when curling. The first tip is to not use the sharpest edge of the scissors, place the scissors on the inside of the curl and press them against the ribbon at a 45-degree angle. Run the scissors down the ribbon in one smooth motion and the curl should just “fall out” of the ribbon.


Another tip is that if you have over curled your ribbon you can straighten it again by running the scissors along the opposite side of the ribbon. Be careful of doing this too many times however as you can damage the ribbon doing this.

That’s it for this week, see you next time!

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