Balloon Basics 08 – How to make Double Stuffing Balloons


Welcome to Balloon basics, this week Mark Drury is going to show us how to make a Double stuffed balloon using a 16-inch clear balloon and putting a 11-inch balloon inside!

First fold the 11-inch balloon twice length-ways so you can slot it into the neck of the 18-inch balloon, leave a bit of the neck proud out of the 16-inch balloon so you can inflate it later. Mark is going to inflate the outer latex balloon first to 14-inches using a yellow box sizer as a measure. If you don’t have a box sizer, then measure a 14-inch gap between two objects like the backs of two chairs. Insert the latex inflator into the outer neck and gently inflate the balloon to 14 inches. Remove the inflator but be sure to keep a tight seal around the neck of the balloon with your hand.


This is the slightly complicated bit now; you need to put the latex inflator inside the inner balloon but to do this you need to put it through your fingers without releasing the helium from the outer balloon. The help you do this you might need to put a little bit of helium into the neck of the inner balloon, just to release the pressure to open the balloon up and allow the nozzle to fit. Now you can inflate the inside balloon to your 11-inches, this will inflate the outer balloon to 16 inches.


Now comes the tying! You can tie both necks together using the same method we have done in the past but you might find it easier to pull the inner neck out of the balloon and tie that round the outer balloon instead. We’ll show you how to do this. Scissor your fingers over both necks, placing your thumb on your fore-finger like normal and place your ribbon over the neck of the balloon. Pull the inner neck out and wrap it over your thumb. You might be able to take the balloon through your arms but if not pass the neck to your finger and reach around to grab the neck from the other side. Put the bead of the neck between your thumb and forefinger and a little tip is to maybe use the ribbon to drag the neck over your fingers and secure the knot.


That’s it for this week, see you next time!

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