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You’ve done it! You’ve made it to The Balloon Market Blog, what an achievement! As a reward, you get to read about one of our awesome BM members in a fun, interview-like format; lucky you!

Today’s talk is with Alicia, who’s part of our Warehouse team. If you’re wondering how your orders are sent out, Alicia is part of our large crew who pick products from our various shelves, pack them up as conveniently as possible and get them sent out straight to you! But what else is there to learn about Alicia… let’s find out!

On the Meet the Team page, you’ve listed a fun fact about yourself. Tell us more about that!

It was about my aquarium with all my fish! When I went to buy the first fish, they asked me if I wanted mixed gender or the same gender, and I thought I’d go for mixed just for a bit of fun. And now they’ve bred out of control and I have now FAR too many fish to know what to do with; it’s a growing population. I think my aquarium is 180 litres at the moment, but I’m thinking about getting a bigger one. That might encourage more breeding though.

What do you enjoy most about working at Balloon Market?

I think, even though it’s a bit cliché, it’s the people. There are so many types of people here that I would never encounter outside of work, but we all seem to mix well and get along even though we’re all completely different, from ages to experiences. Everyone seems to have fun here!

Do you have a favourite product that we stock?

I think I like the walking animal balloons the most, because I’ve bought quite a few of them while working here. I especially like the duck; they’re a bit silly but I like them quite a lot.

If you could delete something out of existence forever, what would it be and why?

Bad drivers! Every time I’m on the road, there’s always a bad driver going too slow or not indicating or just not knowing what they’re doing at all! It always a nightmare, especially at roundabouts. I don’t think I can go on the roads without having to beep at least one person.

What’s the No.1 thing on your bucket list?

There’s lots of things that I could choose, but I think I’d just go for travelling in general. There are loads of countries I’d love to go to, and I want to do a road trip around somewhere in a van. Live out on the road for a few months travelling about; I really want to do Australia & New Zealand the most.

What’s your favourite kind of food? Is there a favourite restaurant you like to go to?

I’m gonna go for a roast dinner. I like all the different components of it, then you get to smother it in gravy! Favourite restaurant for that is Toby Carvery, because it’s nice, cheap and you can get all you like. You can go for every type of meat at the same time!

What’s the worst injury you’ve had?

One time I drank a bit too much at a house party, then ended up falling onto my arm. I told my friends, who were also fairly intoxicated, that my arm was broken because I couldn’t move my wrist or hand. They didn’t believe me, so they tried to bend and twist my wrist and fingers around to persuade me that it was all fine, then they sent me to bed. The next morning, my whole arm was FIVE times the size it should be, so I went to show all my friends again. They decided that they’d deal with it later as they were going to breakfast at Wetherspoons. After a very painful breakfast, I couldn’t ignore it any longer, so I headed to A&E by myself and waited… for 8 hours… with a broken wrist and a deathly hangover. I can laugh at it now but it was so stupid looking back.

Is there something that most people like that you don’t like?

It’s quite popular at the moment, but I don’t like grey interior designs. I can’t stand it; there are people who think grey goes with grey, which goes with grey and so on… and then their entire living space is just GREY. I want interiors to have a bit of personality and colour, so when I see a place like that it just feels samey.

Do you have any good recommendations?

In terms of TV, I’m watching BEEF on Netflix. I haven’t finished yet as I’m half-way through, but I’m really enjoying it so far. But if I was to recommend something I have finished and can confirm is really good, it would be Unsolved Mysteries, which is also on Netflix. I’m into all the murder mysteries and crime shows, so this is a good series for that.

Do you have a question for the readers?

‘What is a conspiracy theory that you believe in?’

A huge thanks to Alicia for this week’s interview! I like to consider myself a fairly matter-of-fact person, so I try to avoid looking into conspiracy theories when I can. With that said, aliens definitely seem to be the one I believe in the most. I’m not saying there’s little green men in flying saucers, but many, MANY lightyears away on some random planet, surely there’s some bacteria chilling on a rock or something. Who knows?

Let us know your answers to this week’s question below! See you all next time!



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