Meet the Team – Martin


Martin joined the Balloon Market team just over a year ago and whilst we think we know him pretty well, a few ‘Meet the Team’ questions has turned up some surprising answers!

We hope this fun blog gives you a little insight into the person behind the signature on many of your packing slips and at the bottom of emails. Perhaps next time you speak to Martin on the ‘phone, you could ask him more about his favourite past-time or maybe his claim to fame?! We’ll certainly be asking him to perform his party trick this Christmas!


Martin Mabey


Warehouse Operations Supervisor


Getting to know you round

What’s been the funniest moment at work so far?

Rollerblading wearing a turkey hat for our Christmas video!

What was the last picture you took on your ‘phone?

A shelf of flavoured rum whilst on holiday


What’s the top thing on your bucket list?

To visit Iceland

What’s your claim to fame?

I once met Bono!

How do you take your tea?

After my ‘S’! (I don’t drink tea!)

What’s your party trick?

I can touch my nose with my tongue!

How do you travel to work?

Usually by car, although I had to resort to cycling when it broke down a while ago.


Favourite things round

Favourite Film

Secret Window

Favourite Chocolate Bar

Mars Bar

Favourite Takeaway


Favourite band/artist

Prince/David Bowie

Favourite season


Favourite past-time


Quick-fire round

Cat or Dog


Sweet or Savoury


Active or relaxing holiday


Strictly or X-Factor


Shark diving, bungee jumping or sky diving?

Sky diving

Thank you Martin for revealing a little more about yourself and Happy 1st Ballooniversary…. here’s to many more!

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