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Hello everyone! Welcome back to The Balloon Market Blog!

In this post, I’m meeting up with our resident videographer and editor: Alex! With just over a year and half’s tenure at Balloon Market, his filmmaking background has helped him achieve a plethora of professional-grade video projects, from our weekly episodes of BMTV to short-form content such as 60 Second Skills! Whilst he’s usually behind the camera, Alex is ready to answer a round of questions in today’s exclusive interview…

On the Meet the Team page, you’ve listed a fun fact about yourself. Tell us more about that!

So, my fact is that I’m half-danish. My Danish side is from my mum, but I grew up here in England. I have gone to Denmark every year because I’m very proud of that side of my heritage. I do have citizenship, so I’d like to live over there at some point, and I did study in Denmark for 9 months when I attended Film School there!

What do you enjoy most about working at Balloon Market?

It’s easily the people. It’s crazy to work at a place where you genuinely get on with…everyone? I’ve never had that before. The other one is the freedom and responsibility I get with BMTV, and the chance to meet so many amazing, talented professionals in the industry; that’s really cool.

Do you have a favourite product that we stock?

Yes, absolutely. It would have to be the recycled fluffy toys from Planet Eco. They’re made out of recycled plastic bottles; my girlfriend actually has one, the dolphin I think.

What episode of BMTV are you most proud of?

It HAS to be the Grabo trip, doesn’t it (BMTV 384)? Because it meant a lot to so many people, especially that wonderful group over in Italy. I do have a second one though. It’s actually just a completely innocuous, regular show with Rob Driscoll, the Balloon Twister, when he did his fruit platter (BMTV 337). When everything came together on that one, I finally felt completely comfortable in the job role.

What’s the No.1 thing on your Bucket List?

I have kind of cheat answer, and that’s just to go travelling for a whole year. But at the top of that list is probably to see the night sky from the Atacama Desert, because it is the clearest sky in the world. They’ve got some observatories there for that very reason.

What’s your favourite kind of food? Is there a restaurant that you love to go to?

I’m not gonna say pizza. I’m not gonna say pasta. I’m gonna rock the boat and say a Greek Vegetarian Mezze from The Real Greek, because it’s fresh and super healthy. I’m on a bit of a health binge right now and after every single one, I feel like a million bucks.

What has been the highlight of your year so far?

I’ll do one work-related and one regular pick. Work one is, again, the Grabo trip; seeing everyone at Grabo and doing the doc: that was incredible. And the other one is going to Copenhagen and then Prague with my girlfriend, and her meeting my Danish family for the first time.

Is there something that most people like that you don’t?

Football. I loosely follow football now, just so I know what’s going on, but I’m not a ‘fan’. I can never have a full conversation about it really. I disappoint people because I mention football and they’ll start talking to me about all these things I don’t know about, so I just end up nodding silently.

What’s the best film you’ve seen recently?

The Father: that crushed me. It’s horrendous because you can ascribe the behaviour in that film to people that you’ve known as well, and you’re like ‘this is what it must be like from behind the veil’.

Do you have a question for the readers?

‘What kind of content do you want to see from the BMTV channel in the future?’

Big thank you to Alex for joining us this week! As someone whose balloon skills are…let’s say less than stellar, BMTV always provides a unique and helpful insight into this wonderful industry. Personally, I’d love to see Greg put all he’s learned across all our episodes to the test, in a big balloon skill challenge!

Let us know your answers to this week’s question below! See you all next time!



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  1. Ela

    How interesting it was to read about Alex! My eldest son is also called Alex(ander), great name!
    I would like to see how to make that amazing spaceman made by Qualetex! That balloon knitting is quite intriguing 🤔 😄.


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