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After a few weeks of office associates, we’re finally making our way to our ever-busy Warehouse team! Today’s guest is Katie, who holds the important title of warehouse co-ordinator. This means she’s in charge of condensing, arranging, and optimising all the stock that arrives to us throughout the week…basically making it look as neat and tidy as possible! So now, it’s time to learn more about Katie herself!

On the Meet the Team page, you’ve listed a fun fact about yourself. Tell us more about that!

I’m pretty sure it’s that I have a snake called Noodle! What is there to say about him…he’s a BIG boy! He’s about as tall as me: roughly 5 feet. You can’t even wrap your whole hand around him anymore. We’ve had him for about 3 years now, I think. He’s not much older than that because we got him when he was 6 months old. Fun fact: we don’t actually know if he’s a boy or a girl! We should probably check, but we just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

What do you enjoy most about working at Balloon Market?

The team. I always say this, I love my team so much. I’ve never met such a fun group of people who are so different but are all so nice! Everyone’s got such great initiative and they’re so great at working together and getting the job done.

Do you have a favourite product that we stock?

The standing brontosaurus foil balloon! The legs come separately, so you blow them up then you slot them in, and I wasn’t expecting it, but slotting the legs in is so much fun. I’m really easily amused, by the way.

Which emojis do you use the most?

Probably the classic laughing face, with the tears.(😂) Any variation of heart, either the red ones or the two little pink ones.(❤) Recently the eyes, the two eyes, I use those quite a lot too.(👀)

What’s the No.1 thing on your Bucket List?

I sort of do and don’t have a bucket list. One thing I know that my fiancé and I want to do is visit all the countries in the world. I don’t think it’s gonna happen…but we can try! Japan though, that’s a must. Love Japanese customs, culture, traditions…everything like that.

What’s your favourite kind of food? Is there a restaurant that you love to go to?

I love Italian food! Not Pizza so much though, mainly Pasta. I will never ever go to an Italian restaurant and order pizza…which might seem weird to say; I know that like a Domino’s pizza isn’t on the same level as an authentic Italian-made pizza, but because I’ve had so many pizzas in takeaways and stuff…I just want to have something else when I go to an Italian. My go-to Italian restaurant is probably Zizzi, the one thing I love the most there is the bread with the Cheese Fondue dip. Oh my god, it’s the best thing ever. If I could have that for starter, main and dessert, I would.

If you could become fluent in any language, what would it be and why?

Japanese! It’s just a smooth, wonderful language. Any time that anyone Japanese speaks, I just fall in love with them. It’s such a nice-sounding language, all the words string together really well.

Is there something that most people like that you don’t?

I was gonna say Football…actually, no: sport in general! Couldn’t care less. The only time I ever watched football was when we were doing really well in the Euros; I watched a few games and half of them I regretted because it was such a waste of my time. I’d sit there for an hour and a half with the score at 0-0, and I’m like “why did I do that?

Do you have any good video game recommendations? Anything you’re playing at the moment?

I’m not playing anything today…but TOMORROW (and for the next few months), I’ll be playing Pokémon Scarlet! I haven’t looked at any of the spoilers, so I’m really excited to play it! As for other recommendations: Undertale is an incredible game, as is Life is Strange, and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild…that took up a lot of my year when it came out!

Do you have a question for the readers?

‘What new products would you like to see us stock?’

Thanks to Katie for taking the time to have a chat! Did you know that Balloon Market has new products posted every week? Keep an eye on our ‘New Products’ section to find out the latest arrivals to our growing collection of products, from brand new balloons to partyware that’s prepped for upcoming events!

Let us know your answers to this week’s question below! See you all next time!



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