BMTV 64 – How to capture an escaped balloon and see Greg’s moustache


Welcome to BMTV episode 64! First thing this week is we have a tip that will change your life! We can’t do it in the studio as we need more room, we will do it at the end of the episode so stay tuned!

Thank you for subscribing

We did want to start by saying a big thank you to all the people that have been watching BMTV and have subscribed on YouTube. We are now approaching 1000 subscribers! What we are trying to do with BMTV is put out good content to help you succeed in business, whether that is providing you with news on new products and trends or giving tips on how to do things. If there is anything that we don’t cover already on BMTV or that you would like more detailed coverage in the future, let us know! We are always looking for ideas.

Golden year

Next on the agenda is new products, we have had a lot in from Creative Party this week. Creative are just down the road from us in Bournemouth and we have been stocking their quality party ware for a years now. We have had these Glitter Number table decorations come into stock with us, they are made from polystyrene covered in glitter, which is why we haven’t taken them out of the box as you know glitter would get everywhere! We were thinking that you could use these as balloon weights, they weigh between 110g and 140g depending on the number and we were thinking you could tie the ribbon in-between the two numbers. Gold is really in at the moment, in fact it is the colour of this year so we have this Gold Bunting in a Happy Birthday and a 50 design. This would be good for a 50th anniversary celebration perhaps, we are getting more designs in the future so keep an eye out if you are a fan.


Mermaid and big wheels

Greg’s daughter is really into mermaids at the moment and they are becoming increasingly popular. We have a new range of Mermaid and Friends party ware. We also have these new Tractor-themed supplies which, as Greg pointed out, have big wheels both at the front and the back! If you are near a farm that does activity days, then approach them and ask them to buy these party supplies from you, why would they not!


Photo Booth props.

New to us are these packs of props that are designed to be used at photo-booths. We think they can be used for much more than that and are great to put on tables at weddings for ice-breakers. Guests can put on top-hats or wear moustaches and just be generally silly, you know they are going to take pictures and put them on social media as well. we talk a lot about add-on sales and this is one more thing that you can add to a table as part of your service as a decorator. We have a move themed pack with a clapperboard and popcorn, more girly design and a chalkboard designed pack that comes with a couple of pieces of chalk so you can write your own message.


Life changing mega-tip

Right so picture the scene: you’re in a venue with high ceilings, like we have here in the warehouse. You’re helium filling balloons, tying knots as normal and then uh oh… you let a balloon go and it flies to the ceiling. What are you going to do? The venue is going to go crazy at you as this is the reason they were reluctant to have balloons in the first place. Don’t worry, there is a simple way to get the balloon down that doesn’t require special equipment. Inflate another balloon with helium and tie it to a massively long ribbon, don’t let this one go! Get some normal sticky tape or balloon tape and attach it to the top of the balloon so you get a sticky balloon. Slowly let the sticky balloon up to the escapee and they will sticky together, you can then pull both balloons down with ease. There you go, magic!


That’s it for this week, see you next time!


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